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Dialogue 05: Susan Piedmont-Palladino, Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium

Susan Piedmont-Palladino is an architect and Professor of Architecture at the Washington/Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC),Virginia Tech’s urban campus. The Center has operated as the urban extension of Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture & Urban Studies since 1980. There are approximately 200 students enrolled in the WAAC program each year. In the words of WAAC founding director, Jan Holt, … Continue reading

Dialogue 04: Sam Holleran & Mark Torrey, Center for Urban Pedagogy, NYC

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a non-profit organization that uses design and art to improve public participation in shaping the places where we all live. They do this by creating visually-based educational tools that demystify urban policy and planning issues and aim to increase public understanding of how these systems work. Unlike the … Continue reading

Dialogue 03: William Morrish, Dean of the School of Constructed Environments, Parsons New School, NYC

In dialogue with the Dean of Parsons New School Department of Constructed Environments,  William Morrish considered the issue of resourcing live projects, given the economic climate and the stark realities of funding the build costs of live project work. What are needed are endowments to underpin the efforts and cover management tasks, not to mention the … Continue reading

Dialogue 02: Laura Briggs, Parsons New School, NYC

I also met with one of Brian’s colleagues, Laura Briggs, who is leads an award winning, exciting socially responsible and sustainability innovative program known as, Em-powerhouse Solar Decathlon  that challenges 20 collegiate teams to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and attractive. Based on Laura’s experience of Live Projects, Laura felt that much of their … Continue reading

Dialogue 01: Brian Mc Grath, Parsons New School, NYC

My first meeting with Brian McGrath began with a discussion about just how much research, strategic thinking and original concept work goes into the ‘design’ of live projects, and this should in effect be considered research returnable.  Parsons New School run a range of ‘live projects’  based in both the USA and abroad, and Brian … Continue reading

What is the value proposition of Live Projects located within community contexts?

What we teach in schools, and how we teach it the subject of endless debate in both schools and in practice offices.  With many architecture students graduating into a diminished UK construction sector, architectural educators are forced to rethink the education value proposition, looking to enable aspiring young architects to define and even design the … Continue reading