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Dialogue 10: Steve Juroszek // Chris Livingston // Tom McNab // Ralph Johnson // University of Montana Community Design Center

Montana State University School of Architecture is situated within a very unique rural context – offering an excellent cross comparisons to all the other live projects I am visiting – all of which are all situated within urban sites. Another defining characteristic of the Montana Architecture School program is that live project are offered within … Continue reading

Dialogue 09: Emilie Taylor // Tulane City Center, Tulane School of Architecture

Design Build manager Emilie Taylor works at the Tulane School of Architecture as a lecturer and as senior program coordinator at the Tulane City Center where she directs projects and develops community partnerships that provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage ‘real issues’ in the community using design as the vehicle for these interactions. During our conversation, we … Continue reading

Dialogue 08: Barbara Wilson // Design Corps, University of Texas at Austin

Dr Barbara Wilson, is directing this summer’s Design Corps Program, based at University of Texas at Austin (UTSoA).  This is the first Public Interest Design (PID) summer course hosted in Austin, connecting advanced students interested in the built environment and public service with leading practitioners in public design, and equipping them with the tools they need to create beautiful, sustainable, … Continue reading

Dialogue 07: Susanne Schnell Archeworks, Chicago

Archeworks is an alternative design school with a difference. In place of a traditional curriculum, students work in multidisciplinary teams with nonprofit partners to create design solutions for social and environmental concerns. Archeworks is dedicated to envisioning and advancing a better quality of life for communities through socially responsible and environmentally conscious design solutions that … Continue reading

Dialogue 06: Terry Schwartz Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

“Every line on the page impacts on someone’s life.” – Terry Schwartz Terry Schwartz is the director of Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, the combined home of Kent State’s graduate program in urban design and the public service activities of the Urban Design Center of Northeast Ohio (UDC). The CUDC is a community service organization with … Continue reading