About Harriet

Harriet Erin Harriss MA(RCA) / RIBA / PG Dip(CONS)AA / FRSA Senior Lecturer Oxford Brookes

Harriet Harriss is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and leads a graduate design studio know as Placenomics; a live studio facility that partners public sector organisations with architecture students to co-create real-time designs that respond to social need.

Previously, in 2004 Harriet won a public funding commission (NESTA) to establish & co-direct Design Heroine Architecture (DHA); a niche practice that focused on public participation in architecture and co-created both innovative and responsive spatial projects and design research publications. DHA also specialised in developing ‘participation prototypes,’ for a diverse range of public and private sector clients. In 2007, Harriet was awarded a British Academy Rome Scholarship enabling her to pursue a research interest in the Baroque theatre of an abandoned abattoir and establishing her trajectory into academia. In 2010, Harriet was awarded a teaching fellowship to develop her current doctorate research into establishing community-university design partnerships and live learning opportunities within the design studio context and in recognition of excellence in teaching and in 2011 received a Churchill Fellowship to enable her to visit a variety of Live Projects across the USA.



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